What should I bring with me when I come for a scheduled office appointment?

  • Referral letter from GP, family physician or other doctor
  • Medicare card
  • Private health insurance details
  • Reports, X-rays, MRI's, CT scans or similar
  • Medical history form

Are my medical records kept private and confidential?

Your medical records are handled with the utmost respect for your privacy. Ordinarily we will not release the contents of your medical file without your consent.

Your GP and other specialists involved in your child's care will receive a letter (usually within one working day) containing a summary of the consultation and a plan for the future.

Why do I need a referral to make an appointment?

Medicare pays rebates for medical specialist services only if you have been referred by a doctor.

A referral is also a means of ensuring you are seen by the most appropriate specialist for your condition.

How can my family doctor help me to obtain specialist medical care?

Before seeing any medical specialist, it is always preferable to discuss with your own family doctor your condition and seek advice on appropriate specialist care. Your GP can help find the specialist best suited to your specific needs.

Your GP and specialist will work closely together, sharing relevant information about your health to ensure optimum care between and after specialist treatments.

What should I expect during first visit?

Your QPE specialist doctor will go over your child's medical history.

Specific tests or procedures may be needed. These will be explained, along with any risks.

A physical examination will also be carried out.

A parent is welcome to stay with the child throughout the consultation.

When tests are completed and results received, the doctor will explain the diagnosis and discuss appropriate treatment.

What can I do to best prepare for appointments with the doctor?

Both child and parent may have questions and fears.

Don't be afraid to ask anything! Write a list if that helps.

We recommend you read our outlines of the endocrine disorders including diabetes for some solid facts.

This will also help you make the most of your time with the doctor.

We don't recommend surfing the Net with Doctor Google.

And we strongly recommend you try not to worry. 'What if' won't help you or your child. A diagnosis - or ruling out a disorder - will.

Why should I choose Queensland Paediatric Endocrinology practice for my child's health needs?

Queensland Paediatric Endocrinology offers a number of advantages to families with a child or young person who has diabetes or other endocrine disorder. We believe the two biggest advantages are understanding and timeliness.

Our practice guarantees to give you and your family the time you need to address questions or anxieties. We understand your need to know. In Queensland Paediatric Endocrinology, you will find experience, respect and a genuine desire to be a part of your child's healthy growing up.

Choosing a private specialist will also ensure your child is seen sooner than in the public hospital system. In some disorders, time really is of the essence. The sooner detected, the sooner treatment commences, the better the outcome.

If we’ve not seen you from diagnosis, and you are seeking pump, we can generally commence pump therapy for your child within a few weeks.