Growth Hormone Devices

Hormones are the chemicals secreted by endocrine glands. They play a major role in metabolism, regulation of physiological processes, and overall development of body. In some cases, specialised devices are used to balance the hormone levels.

The only way to help children who do not make enough growth hormone is via injection.

Growth hormone devices are easy-to-use injection devices that minimise injection pain, encouraging regular daily use for better outcomes.

QPE's nurses can help a family choose the right device for their child and provide education and support for the child's growth hormone commencement.

Under Australia's Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, growth hormone is free to children who meet eligibility criteria. The federal Department of Health and Ageing website explains its growth hormone program.

Sometimes children who do not fit the criteria can benefit from growth hormone. In such cases, families may choose to pay for the treatment.

Queensland Paediatric Endocrinology's team includes a growth hormone coordinator.